Director: Brandon Stiver

Brandon Stiver grew up on the central coast of California and has been at work in orphan care in Tanzania since 2010. Originally working at a Christian orphanage, Brandon realized that even the best of institutions fall dramatically short of meeting the child’s deepest and most intimate needs. Brandon’s deepest desire for Kingdom Families is to continue seeing orphaned, vulnerable and abandoned children restored to God’s first construct, the family. He has his Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a certificate on the UN’s Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Global Development and Justice. Brandon lives in Moshi, Tanzania with his wife, Melissa and their three children.

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Director: Melissa Stiver

Melissa Stiver grew up on the Central Coast of California and first began to engage in missions and global orphan care in 2008. With a degree in Early Childhood Development, Melissa loves to see children thriving, growing, and learning in both school and in the home. Melissa is also very passionate about creativity, turning local, everyday items found in town or the market, into beautiful, unique pieces for the home. Melissa comes up with creative ideas and strategies to help bring clear direction and vision to Kingdom Families. Melissa has lived in Moshi, Tanzania since 2011 with her husband Brandon and their 3 children.

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Social Services Manager: Grenisha Parker

Grenisha Parker joined our team in Spring 2018 to serve as our social services manager as we strive to better equip and strengthen vulnerable families in Kilimanjaro. Originally from southern California, Grenisha received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Biola University. She has traveled and served in southeastern Africa in various capacities over the years. With experience serving homeless communities, teaching children and addressing mental health issues in previous jobs, we are excited for her to be utilizing her talents to invest in the lives of vulnerable families in Tanzania.

 Social Worker: Glory Samba

Glory Samba joined Kingdom Families in April 2017. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the Institute of Social Work in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Through Kingdom Families, Glory manages cases of vulnerable children and families in Moshi. Her case load includes family preservation, kinship care and reunification. She is also the primary liaison between Kingdom Families and the Department of Social Welfare. Glory was born and raised in Moshi.