Directors: Brandon and Melissa Stiver

Brandon and Melissa Stiver are originally from California and have been involved in orphan care in Tanzania since 2010. Originally, working at a Christian orphanage for a couple years, the Stivers realized that even the best of institutions fall dramatically short of meeting the child’s deepest and most intimate needs. The Stivers lead Kingdom Families out of a deep desire to see orphaned, vulnerable and abandoned children restored to God’s first construct, the family.

Brandon and Melissa live in Moshi, Tanzania with their three children.
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Coordinator for Communications and Community Engagement: Calvin Matowo

Calvin Matowo joined the Kingdom Families team in February 2017 and serves in multiple fashions within the ministry. Calvin has a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from Arusha Journalism Training College. He coordinates media disbursement and translation for speaking, literature and newspaper initiatives for Kingdom Families in Tanzania. He is also involved as a liaison within communities where Kingdom Families is invested. Calvin is a Kilimanjaro native and lives in Moshi.

Intern: Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones is from California and is joining our team in Moshi as a 2017 summer intern. Jacqueline has her bachelor’s degree from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA as well as experience in mental health, administration and children’s ministry. We are excited for what God has in store for her and all of us. You can read more about Jackie on the Kingdom Families blog, by clicking here.




Intern: Tayler Lennier

Tayler Lennier is from Tracy, California and coming alongside Kingdom Families as a 2017 summer intern. Tayler served in Moshi during a short term trip in 2013 and is excited to be coming back soon. She’ll be joining our media team, helping with children’s ministries and doing some administrative work. Hear more about Tayler over on our blog, by clicking here.





Intern: Reya Martinez

Reya Martinez is from Texas and is joining our team as an intern in summer 2017. Reya is currently studying at Texas A&M University and has previous experience doing short term missions in orphan care. She’ll be assisting in children’s ministries in Moshi as well as leading on storytelling and media generation for Kingdom Families. We’re excited to have her on board and you can read more about her on the Kingdom Families blog, by clicking here.


Intern: Edith Weaver

Edith Weaver is originally from San Francisco, CA is joining Kingdom Families for summer 2017. Edith has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Vanguard University of Southern California and extensive work experience with youth and administration. She will be working alongside Kingdom Families in developing mental health and community initiatives in Kilimanjaro. We’re excited for what’s to come for Edith. You can read more about her and support her internship, by clicking here.