Sometimes the difference between a family being separated and a family being preserved, is someone in the community stepping up and providing a service that the family can access. All families need community structures that support them, we work to see those services readily available to vulnerable families.

Take a moment and think about your own family. Don’t only think about the people and the relationships within the nuclear family, but think about the extended family. Now think about your community. Not just the people that live on your street, but also the soccer team your child plays on, and the school they attend, and the doctor’s office they get their check-ups at. Now think about your work, and where you went to get your education or training to fulfill that job so you can provide for your kids. There are a myriad of different moving parts in your family and community that enable you and your children to thrive. These connections are just as needed by vulnerable families in Tanzania.

Kingdom Families works with organizations and people throughout communities in Kilimanjaro to ensure that services in education, health care, youth activities and spiritual guidance are available. If a vulnerable mother that wants to take care of her child has a safe place for them to be during the day so she can go out and earn a wage, that family is strengthened. If a child gets sick with malaria, but has a health care plan that gets them the medicine they need, that family is strengthened. If a father that lost his job receives encouragement from his pastor to get back out there, that family is strengthened. We work to see that these connections are made for the families that we serve.

Much of the work done in orphan care swings between a continuum of family separation and family strengthening. When a child enters an orphanage to get these needs satisfied such as health care and education, the most important relationship they need has been severed as they are now separated from their parents. Whereas, within the family-based approach, we connect families with those services from within the community so that they can be stronger together as a family.

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