Adoption is one of the most beautiful pictures of the Gospel. At the same time, adoption is hard and it takes a community to support a family throughout the adoption. Kingdom Families offers that support to adoptive families in Tanzania.

Adoption in Tanzania is not common whatsoever. In fact, the national language of Swahili doesn’t even have a word for it. And yet, adoption is the ultimate goal for any orphan living without parents. Kingdom Families is reconciling the difference between those two statements by engaging and supporting families in northern Tanzania that have accepted the message of adoption and have stepped out in welcoming children home.

Kingdom Families Adoption Support goes beyond the advocacy and walks families through what an adoption in Tanzania looks like. We cover what obstacles they might face and the funds that are necessary then offer other connections such as adoption attorneys and offer adoption resource materials. From the opening point on, we offer emotional support, relational support and financial support for the families in their undertaking. It is our firm belief that the adoptive parents are the ones that are changing this nation more than anyone and we want to come under them in support.

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