In pursuing homes for orphans throughout Tanzania, we must start by pursuing the hearts of families that are willing and capable of caring for children. Therefore, the first step of Kingdom Families work begins by advocating for the needs of these children and training parents in how to lead godly families.

What we’ve found in working with the local communities of Kilimanjaro is that a big change in culture is necessary if adoption and family based care is going to take root. As we work together with the pastors and churches in our network, we hear over and over “I’ve never heard anything like this.” Though many Tanzanian families have a concept of caring for the orphaned children of relatives (which is still a practice in some families), the concept of adopting or fostering a child from another family, tribe or village is something completely new.

Our advocacy and training starts and ends with God’s word. There are so many scriptures on the biblical mandate to care for orphans, the joy of adoption, and how to lead and disciple our families. It’s an easy place to start! As the congregants of our partner churches open their minds to the biblical truth, the culture of their families change, then the culture of their church changes, then the greater church within Tanzania also changes. The result is people living in accordance with God’s Kingdom and benefiting families and orphans throughout.

Kingdom Families does conferences throughout Kilimanjaro as well as advocating in churches on Sundays. Aside from Kingdom Families leadership, we also bring in other missionaries and Tanzanian pastors, as well as adoptive parents and foster parents already living out the gospel message of adoption. Beyond the instruction of orphan care and adoption, we also give training on biblical marriage and parenting through our conferences.

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