Kingdom Families Testimony: Pastor Yusto

Director’s Note: Pastor Yusto of Lower Moshi, Tanzania is an example and an inspiration to us at Kingdom Families. He is a member of Global-Effect’s pastoral network called Ezekiel’s River. As I’ve been writing (and nearly am finished with!) the Swahili scripture commentary, we’ve been distributing advanced copies of certain chapters to the pastors at Ezekiel’s River. Our aim in doing so is simple, to teach what God’s taught us about adoption and vulnerable children and also to get the expert advice and feedback from trusted local pastors. Pastor Yusto and his wife took the writings to another level. They took it to the level that we desire for kids that are separated from their families and communities. They brought children into their family from an orphanage near their home. They also carry on relationship with their families of origin to see positive change in the lives of the children and the community as a whole. This is the power of Spirit-led advocacy. Pastor Yusto shared his story with our communications coordinator, Calvin Matowo at a recent Kingdom Families Conference. Please read this testimony with a spirit of Thanksgiving for a God that sets the lonely in families.

My name is Pastor Yusto, one of the reason that motivated me to adopt is through learning alongside these other pastors from meetings known as Ezekiel’s River. Right after receiving the teaching from the book of James, I went back home and shared it with my wife. Near my home, there are some kids who are really in need and my wife started having sympathy on them.

Personally, I did not support taking those children to my home, because sometimes you find those kids having some bad behavior, and some of them you find are arrogant. But my wife was taking care of them, giving the food, and even giving them shelter. As days went on, I saw all that my wife kept on doing for these children. That is when I talked to her and told her for us to be able to take good care to these kids let’s invite them into our family, since by inviting them into our family they will feel they that they are more close to their parents.

For the last two months now, we were able to bring the first child into our family, but remember before the teaching these kids could come to our home and go back [to an orphanage]. But after the teaching that’s when we decided that we will take-in two children into our family. The second child it’s been two weeks now since we have her in our family.

The truth is by us taking these two kids into our family there has been a great change, because for-example to the parent of one of the kids now she has settled into her family and start caring for her family, of which previous she couldn’t care for her own family. The child himself has changed both mentally and physically. And by so doing, my wife and I saw that through what we are doing in the lives of these children is an important ministry. This reaches to the point of even telling my wife, if God will enable us, such children like these who have nobody to care for them, we can care for them and even motivate others to care for these children. So that they can feel they have parents and someone who can care for them. They have a family to care for them.

Now for those children that we have at our home they have start seeing us as their parents and even calling us Dad or Mom, Grandpa or Grandma this make them feel safe and free by being around us. Even out of this we ourselves feel blessed and encouraged but all of this was brought in by the lesson that I was taught of caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

This lesson has encouraged me a lot, inside my wife’s heart its like this was already there though she has never attended any of these teachings. But by me receiving this teaching I was able to share it with my wife and now we have started to put it into action.

We have also seen Gods blessings, since this action is what God needs to see happening in His church. The fact is these children now have started going through both physical and mental change which has really blessed our hearts seeing that we have started walking in Gods word, since the Bible instructs us to “care for orphans and widows in their distress”.

I would like to ask Kingdom Families to continue providing this teaching, because a great number of people are not able to do adoption since they lack the knowledge,but if they will get this kind of teachings that me and my wife got its my belief that peoples mind set will be changed and people will start reaching out to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Also I would like to request for Kingdom Families to be visiting and sermon at our local churches. There has been this saying that “words of a visitor always carry power within”.

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Brandon Stiver

I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living and working in Moshi, Tanzania. My wife is named Melissa and we have three children: Moses, Promise and Shepherd. We are directors over an orphan care ministry called Kingdom Families; advocating for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children and assisting families to welcome them into their homes as sons and daughters.

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