Rehoboth Church

Earlier this summer, a team from Kingdom Families went to Rehoboth church in Njoro. We were greeted by Pastor Mnzava and we walked into the beautiful church. One of the many things I enjoyed during my internship was Tanzanian church. Right when you walk into church you know you are welcome and you feel right at home. As we walked into the church, worship was already going on. There is something about the way Tanzanians worship that is so beautiful. They worship so freely, it’s as if Jesus is standing right in front of them. There are hands raised, loud singing, music blaring, and dancing. You can feel the presence of God during worship.“I will sing to the Lord all my life.” – Psalms 104:33 When I read that verse I think of Tanzanian church as I am inspired to worship freely every time I am in church.

One of the traditions of church is if you are a guest, you go up in front and greet the church. We say “Bwana asifiwe!” which means, “Praise the Lord!” That is the standard Christian greeting here. The congregation responds with “Amen”. We then said what our names were, where we were from and how grateful we were to be there. Brandon spoke on orphan care and what the Bible says about what it means to care for vulnerable children. A main thing that Kingdom Families does is speaking with different churches and share about our ministry. Naturally, the conversation includes what it means to be adopted into God’s family and how we must do the same for vulnerable children. When the church service comes to a close, worship music is played as everyone exits the church and stands in a line outside. As a line is formed we shake hands with the entire congregation. It was a cool experience to meet everyone.

After the church service Pastor Mnzava and his wife invited us all over to their house for lunch. We sat in their living room and shared about our lives and families. Their hospitality is something that I will remember when I look back at this experience. When we all sat down to eat you could feel the love that this family had for one another, and it was shown to us as we began to eat. We had a Tanzanian dish, called pilau it was very delicious. Having lunch with Pastor Mnzava and his family was such a blessing. It was one of my favorite memories of my time here, a memory I won’t ever forget.

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I love the Lord, I love people, and I love Tanzania.

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