Partnering with Local Ministries

This month, we have been in the office doing a lot of research on what different organizations are doing here in Moshi and searching for ways to connect and partner with them for the common good of the Tanzanian people. We started getting in contact with various organizations and scheduling times to meet. Later we got together with these ministries and had some very good conversations.

Our goal in these meetings is to hear about what different non profit organizations are doing in the Kilimanjaro community and to share with them what Kingdom Families is doing here. We then open up possibilities of partnering with them in the future to help offer services to vulnerable children and families. The idea of partnering with pre-existing organizations is to collaborate and see where we can help each other to best reach vulnerable children and families. There are so many organizations here in Moshi that are offering services that we need and we instead of creating our own competing services, why not come together as people seeking to serve others well?

The first organization we visited was called TAFCOM (Tanzanian Organization Facilitating Community Development Projects) which is an organization determined to foster sustainable opportunities for development by working with the local community. Their main objective is to fight poverty and the many different facets that create poverty in communities. They currently have many different services that we as Kingdom Families would be interested in partnering with. The first of these services is home-based care that provides HIV/AIDS counseling by their social worker who has been specifically trained for this work. They also have a women’s tailoring group that teaches them how to sew as well as being able to sell their products for profit. Lastly, they currently have a children’s center that is serving as a tuition-free preschool for children who come from impoverished families who cannot afford to go to another school.

Next, we visited with an organization called Foot 2 Afrika which partners with organizations to place volunteers from all over the world with ministries. They run the Rudisha Women’s Group which meets at a house in a local community in which half the women sew products and the other half sell the products locally. A dream they are working towards is called Moshi Youth Village in which children that age out of orphanages could come to receive vocational training and job skills.

We then visited Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club, which is a safe place for children who are living on the street to come and learn vocational training, earn an income and receive counsel. For children who have never really felt like they belonged somewhere or that they were truly loved, Pamoja Tunaweza has given them a place to belong to and the love that they have been missing out on. They have been able to provide a place to live for a few of the boys at the club once they have proved a good work ethic and showed that they are committed to the two year long vocational program that Pamoja Tunaweza offers.

The next organization here in Moshi that we visited this month is called KWIECO (Kilimanjaro Women Information Exchange and Consultancy Organization) which is a human rights and gender organization that has been in existence for over 30 years. Their main focus is on women and children and fighting for equality among the genders here in Tanzania. We hope to be able to partner with them for legal purposes and to possibly aid in adoption cases.

The last organization we met with was Give a Heart to Africa, a ministry that empowers Tanzanian women by providing them with free vocational and business training. Each November they recruit around 50 women ranging from ages 20 to 50 year olds, to be in their year long program where they learn about starting and owning their own business as well as being self-sustainable. We hope to be able to partner with them by referring women we meet to their program as well as receiving referrals from them for families that are struggling and need empowerment.

We are ending this project very satisfied with how things went with meeting these different organization and hearing their stories. We are excited to see the growing number of possibilities to serve the community of Moshi better together.

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