Kingdom Families Conference at Philadelphia Church

Within only being in Tanzania for a few days, I had the incredible privilege to experience a Kingdom Families Conference. To see the families of Philadelphia church in Uchira come together with the desire to be strengthened as a family and to hear more about the Father’s heart was beautiful. God is doing so much here in Tanzania and to simply be a part of it is such a blessing. The Stiver family as well as the three other interns working here in Moshi have been so welcoming and have really made me feel at home even in the short time that I have been here.

Something that has continued to come up over the past few months is how not only does God provide, but He provides abundantly. He doesn’t just give us what we need to get by or the bare minimum but rather He provides more than we could have ever dreamed of. He is a God that freely gives and loves to bless His children. I think that far too often, we like to try and fit God into this box of expectations and limits but He is a God who far exceeds any thoughts we have of Him.

God provided an abundance of everything this weekend. He brought an abundance of families eager to grow in love and in their walk with Him, to our Kingdom Families conference. He provided an abundance of children who by simply being who they are, bring abundant light and joy with them wherever they go. He has provided an abundance of people here at Kingdom Families who cares about each individual child and wants to see children in families in whatever way that looks. He provided an abundance of capable and open hearts to the calling He has placed on hearts of Christians here in Tanzania, to open up their homes to orphaned and vulnerable children. He showed up in huge ways this weekend and for that we are all so thankful.

I just love this idea of God always outdoing himself. He always likes to exceed these human expectations that we inevitably carry with us into any situation. I find comfort and hope in the fact that as much as I try to, my mind will never be able to fully understand all that God is and all that He can do. It requires a lot of trust on our parts but how beautiful is it to know that He always has something greater for us?

God is so present and His spirit is so alive here in Moshi, Tanzania. Meeting people after people and experiencing their beautiful smiles and the evident love they have for their children and families has been such a sweet gift from the Lord. It is so cool to be able to meet these parents and to just see how truly capable and willing they are to be good parents and to even have their idea of family expanded to something bigger than just biological children. God is raising up people here in Tanzania to be able to do the work that He desires for this world.

Something a dear friend of mine always says is “God doesn’t called the equipped but rather he equips the called.” I find so much encouragement in this statement because I think it really speaks to who God is and how He has made us. God doesn’t expect its to be perfect, He just wants our willingness to follow His will for our lives. He doesn’t want people that have it all figured out, rather He delights in using broken people to advance His kingdom here on earth.



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I am a lover of Jesus, the outdoors, and Africa! I am from Austin, Texas and am currently attending Texas A&M University.

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Families Conference at Philadelphia Church

  1. Wow Reya you have kicked your thirst and love of God another notch in my mind😍 What an incredible first entry in your Tanzania blog. I love, love, love your message that brings me sitting at that first gathering! Thank you. I anxiously await your expressions through words and pictures😍 Your camera, love, and strong faith are shining through–love grandma


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