Kingdom Families Conference at Voice of Victory Church

This past weekend we had our first Kingdom Families Conference for this summer. It was held at Pastor Unity’s church Voice of Victory in Njoro.

The day started with wonderful worship. The first session started with Ryan Helbling teaching about marriage and the importance of being equally yoked as spouses. The second speaker Melissa Stiver spoke about carrying the Father heart of God as we parent our children. After the two speakers everyone went out to the front of the church where lunch was served. The last speaker was Brandon Stiver and he spoke about the necessity for children to grow up in families, and the role the church gets to play in fostering, adopting, and keeping families together.

In the midst of the messages going on in the church, children’s ministry was provided by our interns. The theme for children’s ministry theme was pride. The interns taught the children what it means to be a good sibling, as well as what it means to be proud to be in your family. They also played games, made a craft, and ended the day with a movie and popcorn. Children’s ministry was a lot of fun for the kids, as well as the interns.

At the end of the day Kingdom Families provided a response form regarding who would like to adopt. Out of 53 respondents, 38 said they are willing to adopt and many of those are in the position to do that right now. It was incredible to see that sort of response.

On the response form as well there was a place to write about what they thought about the conference. These two really stuck out to me as I went through them.

“I was blessed by this ministry because it carried the heart of God. I would like for this ministry to reach the churches of Tanzania because the church the right place to care for these children. Also the church should make arrangements for their congregants to carry this burden in their heart to care for orphans and widows.”

“Tanzania is a very blessed nation. Its not good for children to be placed in orphanages. Its our role as a church and local families to take care of our children in our own families. God bless you servants for bringing this good news to our eyes and ears.”

Both of these responses are what Kingdom Families is all about, advocating for orphans in the community and strengthening families. We believe at Kingdom Families that God’s design for His church is sustainable. We also believe that the local church is the solution to any problems or issues in society. God has empowered the local church and when you really think about it orphanages, programs and organizations may fail but the church will never fail. It is always sustainable.

“Let’s see the church strengthening families to help every child achieve that God-given right of growing up in a family.” -Rebecca Nhep

To put on one of these conferences the cost is $200 for staff as well as feeding lunch to 100+ who attend the conference. If you would like to sponsor these events and be apart of what God is doing here in Tanzania please click here.

The next conference is tomorrow July 8 from 9:00am to 4:00pm at Philadelphia Church in Uchira. Karibuni!



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