Meet Tayler Lennier – Kingdom Families Intern

Our excitement for summer 2017 continues to grow as God adds great people to serve with Kingdom Families here in Moshi. We’re grateful to have already accepted Jackie from California and Reya from Texas to come serve this coming summer. Today we’re glad to announce the final summer intern is Tayler Lennier joining our team from Tracy, California.

This will be Tayler’s second time coming to Moshi as she visited as a part of a team from her church in 2013. Tracy Community Church has been supporters of a ministry that we’re blessed to be close to here in Moshi and after their trip that year, Tayler knew that returning to Moshi to serve again was a goal worth setting. When she heard about Kingdom Families and our internships through a friend, she applied and quickly moved through her recommendations and interview. Earlier this month we were excited to offer her our final internship slot for this coming summer.

Since returning from her trip in 2013, Tayler has been faithfully praying and saving in order to return to Tanzania and we feel honored that the Lord connected this passionate young woman to our ministry in Moshi. Tayler is currently a college student and will be serving in Moshi before she returns to school for fall 2017. In joining Kingdom Families, Tayler will be joining our media team as she is already an avid blogger and will also be helping with children’s programs at Kingdom Families Conferences in Kilimanjaro and doing administrative work. We’re grateful for her excitement to serve here.

When I first saw Kingdom Families, I knew I needed to find out what you guys are doing in Tanzania. When I found out that Kingdom Families advocates for family based orphan care, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it because every child deserves a family. I love kids, and knowing that so many don’t have a family, I want to help with the gifts and talents God has given me to help those in need of a family. -Tayler Lennier

Tayler has begun fundraising for her internship and would love to have you join her personal support team. If you are a friend or a family member, we’d encourage you to contact Tayler directly to hear about her fundraising needs and how you can get involved.

If online giving is easiest for you, you can do that right now through Kingdom Families. Kingdom Families is a project of the California based non-profit Global-Effect, therefore all donations are tax-deductble. If you want to give towards Tayler directly, please include “TL – Internship” in the comment section so we know to credit it towards her fundraising efforts. Click here to give online.

Once again, we’re very thankful for God’s grace to add to our team and our reach in Kilimanjaro. Please pray for Tayler, Jackie and Reya as they come to serve in Moshi during the summer. God is faithful to answer prayers especially as we set our hearts to see the lonely placed in families.


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Brandon Stiver

I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living and working in Moshi, Tanzania. My wife is named Melissa and we have three children: Moses, Promise and Shepherd. We are directors over an orphan care ministry called Kingdom Families; advocating for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children and assisting families to welcome them into their homes as sons and daughters.

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