Meet Jacqueline Jones – Kingdom Families Intern

Starting in 2017, Kingdom Families is beginning our first internship program here in Moshi, Tanzania. We’ve been so encouraged by those that have shown interest and applied. We are pleased to begin selecting and announcing those that will be coming to volunteer. If you are interested in applying for an internship in 2017, please click here to learn more and send your inquiry.

We are excited to announce that our first intern we’ve accepted for summer 2017 is Jacqueline Jones from California. Jackie has been a prayer supporter of Kingdom Families for a couple years and has shown great interest in our family-based initiatives in Kilimanjaro. She first reached out to us during a visit to California that we took over the holidays in 2014. We had a great time meeting her then and have stayed in contact since. When our family visited again earlier this year during summer break we discussed the possibility of having her come out as an intern this coming summer. She soon thereafter applied and was accepted as our first summer intern.

Jackie graduated from Master’s College in Santa Clarita and since then has worked doing administrative work for a child development center and then as a mental health counselor for at-risk preteens in northern California. Her work experience paired with her kindness, humility and diligence makes her a great fit to serve with us.

Jackie will assist us in running children’s programs, promoting mental health among vulnerable children, as well as administration and making databases that will assist us and the social welfare department. We can hardly wait to get to work. She beautifully captures the heart of our ministry:

“The church is called to care for orphans and I think that is a responsibility that should be a primary practice of churches. Children need to be raised in a family because it is important for the development of that child – especially those that come from past traumas. For a child that has some sort of trauma disorder, being raised in an institution only perpetuates that trauma.” -Jacqueline Jones

Like any of our interns, Jackie is required to raise the necessary funds for her internship. Together with Jackie, we have set a goal of $4,000 which will cover her airfare and living expenses for the summer. We highly encourage you, whether you’re a friend, a family member or just a person that wants to pour into Jackie’s life and the ministry here, to give towards her internship.

As with any giving towards Kingdom Families, the donation is tax-deductible. Kingdom Families is a project of the California non-profit Global-Effect. You are just a click away from making an online donation and we ask that you write in the comment section “JJ-Internship” so that we know you’re donating with Jackie in mind and it doesn’t go towards other programming. Click here to give online. If you prefer to send a check, you can do so by making it out to “Global-Effect” and write “KFS-JJ” on the memo line. Send the Check to Global-Effect, PO Box 992856, Redding CA 96099.

We’re excited for the ways that God is expanding the ministry of Kingdom Families and privileged to have Jackie join the team. Please join us in prayer for Jackie, Kingdom Families and the communities that we reach in Kilimanjaro.

Published by

Brandon Stiver

I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living and working in Moshi, Tanzania. My wife is named Melissa and we have three children: Moses, Promise and Shepherd. We are directors over an orphan care ministry called Kingdom Families; advocating for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children and assisting families to welcome them into their homes as sons and daughters.

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