Manna Tabernacle Bible Church

“Sitawaacha ninyi yatima.”
“I will not leave you as orphans.”

On Sunday, October 9th, we were blessed with a great opportunity to share at the church Manna Tabernacle Bible Church (MTBC) here in Moshi. We were first introduced to this wonderful congregation through our friends, Clint and Esther Ouma who serve within the church. With any church that joins our network, it first begins with a one-on-one meeting followed by Brandon preaching at their church. MTBC did not disappoint.

There are a number of scriptures that we use within Kingdom Families when we talk about adoption and the importance of caring for orphans within our families. The Bible, of course, lends itself well to articulating the heart that we have with Kingdom Families. This particular Sunday, we read from John 14 and discussed the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. In discussing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Jesus has this beautiful line that we landed on and made our focus “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.”

God will not leave us lonely. He will not leave us destitute.He will not leave us hungry or thirsty. He will not leave us without care. He will not leave us without family. He will not leave us as orphans.

We had a great response as we all we recognized that God did not leave us as orphans and yet there are many children within our country that are left in that state of orphanhood. Following the service, one of the church leaders even said that she would engage her husband in considering opening their home and adopting. We know that the church was ready to hear this message as they’ve already witnessed this truth in the lives of Clint and Esther who are currently in the adoption process. You can read their story here.

Beyond the response of Sunday, we have hope that this church will be strategic in other initiatives Kingdom Families is operating currently or hopes to start in the near future. Pastor Dickson, among other endeavors, runs a popular Christian radio station that broadcasts throughout several regions in Tanzania and even up into southern Kenya. Brandon has already toured the station and we’ve discussed broadcasting this important gospel message.

Additionally, the church has a large contingency of college aged students that would be a great group to draw from for a mentoring initiative that we have on our hearts. Clint himself also has a heart for this so we hope to find ways to partner and see these college students poured into and mobilized to be a blessing to others.

We ask that you would pray for this special congregation. We’ll return to the church and reconnect with Pastor Dickson and his leadership regarding future progressions with their congregation and ways that Kingdom Families can come alongside and introduce new ministries.

For more pictures from our time together, check out photos from MTBC’s Facebook page.

Published by

Brandon Stiver

I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living and working in Moshi, Tanzania. My wife is named Melissa and we have three children: Moses, Promise and Shepherd. We are directors over an orphan care ministry called Kingdom Families; advocating for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children and assisting families to welcome them into their homes as sons and daughters.

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